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Bring some Swiss ingenuity to work, with Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer is a proudly Swiss company that’s been supplying business equipment to European and global markets since 1908.
 We provide a growing range of high-quality and keenly priced office equipment and supplies across the world, and have a clear vision for our future.

Our current product range includes compatible printer cartridges (ink cartridges) with Swiss made ink, everything you need for binding and laminating, from a small laminator for home use, up to wide format professional laminators.

Further, we are proud to introduce our new pen – the one with the unique, patented Walter Eglin tip. It has a smooth ceramic ball – to reduce toxic metal like lead in our land fill. Using high-quality gel, it gives a beautiful writing experience. Once you try it, you buy it!

J.F. Pfeiffer AG = Swiss company + clever design + great value.

Swiss Connection:
Swiss Owner
Urs Wolfensberger
02 9002 5851
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